Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The beginning...

Welcome to my blog!

Why have I decided to note the details of an ordinary life on here, you might ask. I have often heard the opinion that bloggers are merely self important nobodies, but I wholeheartedly disagree. I have loved reading other people's blogs, and it's never been because they lead an extraordinary life. Rather, it is because I admire something in them and because they lead a good life.

Now is not a time to commence a treatise on the merits of blogging but I can talk about my personal reasons for wanting to blog, which are the following:

1. I am living some interesting experiences right now and look forward to having a platform from which to anayse and simply document them. For example, I have been sent on secondment to a French company for 6 months and am living very close to the Eiffel Tower. I am enjoying rediscovering Paris and hope to introduce you to some of my special finds;

2. I would like to document my journey to an MBA - I will soon be taking the GMAT and thought that someone out there might like to follow my journey;

3. I would really like to have an incentive to take more photos - I am awful for not bothering enough with this even though I love photos and memories;

4. Keeping a blog can be a creative opportunity. I love crafts etc, but I know not the slightest thing about blogs and graphics and things. What better time to learn than the present?; and

5. I'd like to keep tab of so many things: recipes, special places I've visited, books I've enjoyed etc.

Having made this list I'm now thrilled to have started my very own blog!