Friday, 19 February 2010

Bought Marc's wedding band

Yesterday I ordered Marc's wedding band!

Months ago we looked in Tiffany's and he tried on lots of rings. He thought he'd want a plain platinum band but ended up not liking it on his finger and choosing a milgrain band. It looked so good - it was so happy-making to see Marc wearing a wedding band!

I went to the jewellery district in London, where Dad has contacts, to find a place to order the ring. Somehow I didn't find the experience particularly confidence inspiring for some reason.

Also, I've just moved to another area and didn't think I'd have much control over the process if it took place in London, so instead I ordered Marc's ring online. I think I got an ok deal, but mostly I just really like the ring he picked! Can't wait till it arrives!

I bought Marc's ring from a site called I totally thought I'd end up buying from BlueNile, but I was so disappointed by their customer service. I was put on hold for about half an hour twice, and when I finally got through they couldn't get me the ring in Marc's finger size because it's smaller than the average man's size. They don't go out of their way for you at all, which I thought was pretty poor. The site I ordered from had incredibly friendly people on the other side of the phone and was a pleasure to do business with.

I feel relieved to have that out of the way and I just hope it fits and that Marc likes it when it comes in.

Tomorrow I'll post about my ring: it's turned into a bit of a saga! In the meantime I leave you with a picture of Marc's ring from