Friday, 17 October 2008

Blogging joy

So, about a month ago, when I started this blog, I wrote down a few of the things that I hoped to get out of it. However my biggest satisfaction from blogging so far has derived from the interesting people and lives I have read about - the very thing that was not on my list. I have been inspired by recipes, gorgeous stunning recipes, other MBA aspirants, blogs from my own community that I didn't know existed.
One of the blogs I have most enjoyed, however, is 'Party of Six' about a delightful family, and that of NieNie.
I am a Jewish girl and I would consider myself close to my faith. How I relished reading about these bloggers' Mormon faith, however, a faith I knew relatively little about.
I am literally bowled over by the love and passion with which these women mother their children and their passion for family life. It jumps right out of you - a bursting irrepressible passion. I am humbled by their love and creativity.
I am also a working person: I am fascinated by business and at 25, working in a corporate law firm with a boyfriend, my life hardly resembles those of the women I have read about, many of whom were mothers many times over by my age. And yet I feel so akin to them in some ways. I love their values, their pride, their motivation, their creativity, their peace. I hope to emulate some of that one day. Their posts spoke to me, awakened a side of me that I know I have but that might not be apparent on the outside. I look forward to letting it blossom one day.
It is amazing how lives so different from your own can inspire you. That, so far, has been my greatest blogging joy.