Friday, 31 October 2008

Winter Warmth

Winter has finally come - I can feel it in the air in the mornings, I'm beginning to need gloves, the heating is on for the first time... I intend to embrace rather than moan about winter this year. I want to take photos of its stark beauty and I want to wrap up warm and drink hot tea!
I would love to go skiing and drink mulled wine!
I have realised that I have far too few winter clothes though. When working at [large corporate law firm] I hardly felt the cold because I was in a big glass temperature-regulated building all day (and sometimes all night too). It feels the same whether it be summer or winter. But now I walk 10 minutes from home to the metro and another 12 from the arrival stop to my work, twice a day. I feel the seasons and I see them - it's spectacular, actually. I'm going to post pictures of my walk to work so you can see. I know I keep saying I'll do this but I can't seem to do it in France - so annoying! Here are some pics of the woollens that I want to purchase at Hobbs. Pumpkin might be my new favuorite colour. Just as well my winter coat from last year is that colour. Love it!