Thursday, 27 August 2009

Time with the girls and dress shopping

It was a bit strange being in Israel for 8 days after the engagement and not being able to be with my girls. I really wanted to be with them and share the exciting news.

On my first night back Lizzie hosted a dinner for me! It was so much fun and I was really touched! She even opened a bottle of champagne!

My contribution? Cake with a huge hole in it! Something went very wrong!

It was such a fun evening and I felt so lucky to be celebrated by my friends in that way. Miri moved her guitar lesson to be there! Kate bought me a beautiful gift and I felt so spoiled! Thanks girls - love you.

Then, the following day, came a day I had been looking forward to forever: dress shopping. I had made three appointments and Katie and Miri would be coming with me. I had already spotted a dress I liked in Israel so it was a question of seeing how others would compete.

Seriously, parts of the day were ridiculous. Comments like 'this is the bestest finest..', consultants talking to me about fabric terms as though I knew what they meant, general snootiness and the use of every sales pitch in the bridal industry book: 'when Marc sees you walking down the aisle, what do you want him to see'... using my fiance's name in every sentence... witty. We certainly needed some food breaks - it was exhausting.

But the last shop was the best. The consultant would not let me try on a dress I wanted to try, saying it would look bad on me. Now, there are dresses I tried on that day that I didn't think did much for me, but I'm not the largest gal and since I didn't try on dresses that are slinky, most dresses looked okay, if not spectacular, on me. She told me that one dress I did try looked 'awful' on me. Others would have found her rude; I found her comical. Then she insisted I try on this hideous monstrosity encrusted with diamonds and shiny beads when I specifically said that I wouldn't wear anything with sparkle. She would not let it drop but I still flat out refused!

The last appointment of the day was Katie's. We had looked for her dress already and were going in to order it. It was so lovely so see her so excited, happy and radiant. We received champagne (twice in two days, I know) and toasted each other! The fabulous end to a fabulous day!


Nadia said...

What a fabulous day! Dresses and champagne and the girls - now that is most definitely a great time!! And what a riot at the dress shop with the woman telling you to try on sparkly and telling you what looked awful on you - talk about a bad sales pitch :)

Pearl said...

Vanessa - you got engaged? Oh my gosh - I have been away from the blog world for too long! Congratulations! "Vanessa & Mark" sounds absolutely beautiful. I'm going to go back and find your other entry about the engagement. I am SO happy and excited for you!

Esme said...

Vanessa -it is a fun time-enjoy yourself-everyone has an opinion just go with what you want. Trust me they all know how to make your special day so perfect. When is the date?

Lynda said...

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