Friday, 4 September 2009

Attire + which shoes?

When I was in Israel for a week after the engagement, I looked for and found my wedding dress. I like lots of dresses online, but I wanted something simple, not poofy, and with lace.

I went on my own. I think I wanted my mind to be uncluttered, unfettered with other people's opinions. I knew that upon my return to London I would go shopping with my girlfriends (which was the best day ever), but I decided to look in Israel anyway. And I'm pleased I did, because I found my dress and discovered that the bridal market there is markedly different from that here. All the brands that are available in England and America are hardly sold in Israel. The market is dominated by Israeli designers who make the dresses on-site. The dresses are made to measure, rather than being ordered in the closest size and then altered. So any changes can be accommodated. The handiwork is amazing. It is also possible to rent dresses, and these are completely altered to fit the bride, too. When you order the dress, you choose to rent or keep it. To keep the dress you pay 10% on top of the rental price. Most people don't bother, but I will. Since my dress isn't poofy, it won't take much space, and I would like to own it. If I had chosen a bigger dress I wouldn't do that, though.

I would describe my dress as: slim fitting, sweet, elegant, simple, lacy. I can't post it here because Marc reads this blog.

The price includes 4 fittings: I will have 2 in February and 2 right before the wedding. Can't wait to see it again!

Here are the two pairs of shoes I have my eye on, designed by Diane Hassall. They are made to order and they are pricey, far too pricey than is reasonable for something that can only be worn once. But I love them! They also come with a clutch... which pair do you prefer?

PS: that thing people always say, that you never see a bride's shoes - not true in my experience! I hate it when a lovely outfit is let down by disappointing shoes.


Esme said...

Those shoes are adorable.

Esme said...

I like the first ones.

Nadia said...

How exciting that you already found your dress! As for the shoes, I love the second ones - they are classic looking. The first ones are quite fun!

Pearl said...

oh Vanessa - i love both shoes! it's so hard to choose. the first one is ADORABLE with the big bows but the second is classically elegant.

how does it compare with your dress? since your dress isn't poufy, i think the big bows would add a nice touch of "spunk" to your whole wedding attire. but if you prefer to go streamlined head to toe, then maybe the 2nd pair would be better.
love the clutch, though!

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

I love the first pair with the bow. When it comes to wedding attire I think shoes are a great way to add a little trendiness, and that way people will notice the brides shoes!

Overdue said...

I like the second pair. You have to be a 'bow' person to wear bows on your feet.

Vanessa said...

First pair it is! Thank you for your fabulous opinions!

Aletha Jo said...

I love the first ones too!