Friday, 4 September 2009

Save the Dates

We have a date! 30 May 2010. A bank holiday weekend. I like the sound of it! And the countdown begins!

Without much time for baking cake with all this wedding planning, the pen and paper aspect of this blog will come out more. That is, if I continue to post wedding things on this blog. I'm not entirely sure what to do. This stuff probably isn't interesting to any of you (to be frank, even I'm getting bored of it), but I would like to record my planning somewhere. I have set up another blog but am not sure whether to use it. Opinions appreciated. For now though, let me post our Save the Dates. These will only be going out to guests in England and abroad, but not to anyone in Israel (since presumably they won't need much prior notice). I intend to include an insert with hotel info and flight info. Or mayble I'll attach a sticker to the back with that info. That is for the weekend. For now, here's the finished product. I think they will match our outdoor venue, and our colour scheme is dark brown and ivory. See, I already sound like those people. A colour scheme, honestly!