Saturday, 2 October 2010

4 months

I can't believe we have been married for four months, and so much has happened that I have hardly had time to recap our wedding! I will get round to it, assuming it is of some interest! ;)

Life feels different but so much better - I love being married to Marc. Since we hadn't lived with each other I thought there would be an adjustment. I am an only child, I had always been very much my parents' daughter, I wondered how it would be to have my primary allegiance shift.

The truth is that there hasn't been an adjustment to speak of. It feels so normal, as though we have been in this state forever. It took me a few years into dating to feel ready for marriage but I'm not sure now what I was so worried about. I feel such a sense of togetherness and partnership.

After the wedding I did feel quite a bit of nostalgia about the wedding being behind me. I sought projects everywhere, I framed photos and our invitation, decorated our flat... but now I am settling into real life, enjoying the day-to-day things rather than plotting the next big thing. Life is good!

I bought Marc a traditional prayer shawl for the wedding. The Rabbi surprised us by asking Marc to cover me with the shawl during the ceremony. It was a very special moment.


Arpita said...

All that was mine,
And shelves of my heart
That contained pictures of my own
Shifted; and now upon them
I can see yours.
A smile lights me up,
My fears evaporate.
I am who I was
Same, and unchanged.
And with you
All my pain abates.

I happened to pass by your blog. It's beautiful with the subtle sweetness of life. To a happy married life! You guys look beautiful!:-)

lucy said...

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