Thursday, 18 September 2008

Lily the Mini

Ok, I know it's silly. Very very silly. But my car has a name and it is Lily.

I love walking in Paris, I love the fact that everyone takes the metro, that nobody drives, that is is such an accessible city for pedestrians.

And yet I miss my lovely car. I don't even know what I'd do with a car in Paris. But isn't there something about just driving off - a true sense of freedom? I recently bought a satellite navigation system and I'm in love. When Ry, a close friend, was in London I drove us to a stately home (the one where they filmed Pride and Prejudice) we were able to just drive through ancient winding roads in Buckinghamshire, fearless and bewitched by the history and beauty of our surroundings. We saw stunning 18th century houses, even older cottages and of course rolling English countryside. It was sublime and I'll try and post photos. The SatNav was there to guide us, allowing us to go where we pleased, safe in the knowledge that it would eventually take us back to the main road. It was a truly lovely day. Here's a picture of Lily.


aletha jo said...

Not silly at all! I think it's cute you've named your car :)