Thursday, 18 September 2008

Tarte Tatin chez Ladurée

So this week, like so many others, I have eaten some truly magnificent cakes!

It all started when Marc came to stay and we went to the cake mecca that is Ladurée. If anyone hasn't heard of this wondrous place they should take a look at the 'merveilles' produced by clicking on the title of this post.
Not only is the food sumputuously magnificent, but everything comes beautifully wrapped in exquisite 18th Century inspired boxes and paper.

Marc ordered a Tarte Tatin, half of which I kindly devoured. Now, Tarte Tatin just isn't a dessert I would order. When dessert's on offer I like chocolate, and when I go for fruity desserts (which I also love) I opt for Tarte au Citron or something involving rhubarb or berries. Apples bore me. But this Tarte Tatin was something else entirely. Buttery, caramelized but not so much that it was bitter in the slightest. The consistency was good - it held together well and and had some texture yet the apples were soft. I loved the rich buttery ever so salty base and the melting apple.... easily the best Tarte Tatin I have ever eaten and enough to make me a convert! I wish you could taste it!