Thursday, 20 November 2008

Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey

I am normally a very level-headed person. I listen to other people's opinions and allow myself to be swayed. I welcome debate. I embrace differences. But on this subject there will be no divergence and I will stand tall and defend what I know to be an absolute truth (and, let's face it, there aren't many in life) : there is no better cookie - anywhere - than Ben's Cookies.

And why are they so marvellous, you might ask? It really is inexplicable. You will just have to try one. There are the gooeyest (and if that isn't a word, well, it should be!) most moist, chocolateyest dreamy confection in the world. Break one in two and you'll discover fondant chocolate generously oozing out, a soft centre to contrast with a slightly crisper outside. Sublime. Divine. Words evade me.

Last night, I got to thinking about these wondrous cookies. I became consumed with the desire to bake. So I found a chocolate chip recipe from one of my favourite websites and made some cookies for my nice colleagues. I stupidly left my camera in London, so I only have phone photos, and I am so inept that even after an hour of fiddling I can't seem to download those to my computer, but they look something like these:

And they are good (particularly in French terms - French patisseries are fabulous but they don't do unpretentious gooey cookies, so my colleagues are happy) but they are not a patch on Ben's Cookies. And there began my mission: I hereby declare that I will figure out what that recipe is. And you, my lovely friends, will help me eat through the cookies until I reach cookie Mecca.

In order to inspire me a little, and get me into a gooey mode, I have ordered this delightful book from Amazon. Can you think of a more enticing title for a book (or a nicer cover, for that matter)? Watch this cookie space.

PS: if you were wondering why on earth I'm baking cookies whilst doing Weight Watchers (I have no propensity towards sadism, no) I will tell you this: I have not eaten It takes me so long to get into the flow of a diet but when I'm in it I'm in it, and I will not stray until the pounds are off!