Wednesday, 12 November 2008

White House Pooch

Anyone who knows me knows that I go gooey-eyed soppy over dogs. I stop owners in the street to enquire about names and a pooch sighting can visibly lift my mood. I love 'em and, one day when I am home more, I dream of having a dog of my own. I love so many breeds that I don't know how I'd ever choose! Most people in my family have Beagles (big shout out to naughty Ziv, my aunt's dog). I chose the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston so that we could meet Catie Copley, its 'canine ambassador'. I frequently send Marc photos of my latest doggie encounter! We sponsor a Dog's Trust dog called Chad. I bawled my eyes out at 'Marley and Me'.

So you'll appreciate my delight when Obama publicly declared that he would be fulfilling his promise to his daughters. I think that dogs are such wonderful wonderful creatures and I can't understand how people could mistreat them - it makes me mad with rage. My old supervisor said that getting a dog was 'the best thing that ever happened to his family' and I can believe it. I'll never forget working at the British Embassy in Paris - the Ambassador's beautiful golden retriever would walk in on the morning meeting and dispel all the tension, bringing smiles to even the sourest face!

I think it would be great if the Obamas rescued a dog and gave it a new, loving home. The amazing thing about dogs is that they don't care whether they live in the White House or in a more humble abode. As long as they are loved they will love back unconditionally. Humans have a lot to learn. Whatever the Obamas decide, we should respect their decision - a dog is a member of the family, not just a symbol to the outside world. But it would be great if they could inspire people to rehome a dog, particularly as Christmas approaches, a time when people recklessly buy dogs as presents only to abandon them soon after.

Here's another picture of Buddy, the chocolate lab Clinton had when he was in office. So gorgeous!


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