Thursday, 6 November 2008

Weight Watchers

So what happens when the author of a blog with the word cake in the title goes on a diet?

I did Weight Watchers really successfully over a period of about 6 months and kept that weight off for another year. I felt great, I was at my target of 55kg - even quite a bit below it. Slowly slowly I trusted myself without the points and the counting and even then I was slim. But suddenly I started gaining, eating food for comfort for the very first time. At first I convinced myself I would lose that weight, but that hasn't happened. And so, back to Weight Watchers I go. I'm going to get a grip on things once again. I'm going to regain control and fit into my tight jeans! I loved Weight Watchers the first time round so I know I can do it again. I will post my progress week by week. Audrey, a lovely colleague, and I are going to meetings. What will French meetings be like, I wonder? For one they are more expensive than English meetings. I will definitely learn new vocab! Audrey is lovely and I think we both have the same very sane attitude to weight loss. I am so so glad she has joined our office! Can't wait to go on the weight loss journey with her - I honestly can't think of anyone better or nicer to go to meetings with. Wish us luck!

And now, to kick start the weight loss, a favourite super scrummy low-fat recipe I made up: Flourless vegetable bake.

1: Boil 1 sweet potato, 1 regular potato, 1 broccoli and any other vegeables you like, then mash.

2: Add a can of spinch and a can of sweetcorn to the mix

3: Fry 3 onions in olive oil until golden and add to the mix

4: Beat 4 eggs and add to the mix

5: Season (I like a lot of salt and pepper)

6: Pour into an oven dish and cook in the oven at 280 until cooked through (about 30 mins).

You will get an incredibly healthy and totally moreish sweet salty scrummy dish and you'll go back for more, I promise!