Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Disney love (and survey)

Ry and I had SUCH an amazing time at Disneyland! Amazing bonding time, complete and utter silliness, laughter, dreaminess, fudge, good bad food and most of all FUN! You don't need prose to understand, these photos will do nicely I think!

We were impressed by the resort, having thought that the Paris version would be worse than those in the U.S. The only weird thing was that the characters and rides and everything was half in French half in English! Eery!

It was so cool that we had the only full weekend of sunshine in Paris in months and that no schools were on holiday. The park wasn't as full as it could have been, and from 9-10 at night we literally walked onto rides - it was awesome. div>It was quite hard adjusting to the real world when I got home though, I was bouncing around like a Disney character singing songs well into Tuesday! Teehee!

The pretty castle. The designers said they had to meet higher expectations for European visitors, who were used to seeing real castles - interesting!

Our hotel room - we loved it!

At the entrance and so excited! Notice my new hat - love at first sight!

Me at the Rainforest Cafe - I love elephants!

My favourite Disney villain - pure genius!

Love Mary Poppins and this Penguin scene!

We LOVED Space Mountain, which is much faster than in the States. Went on it about 5 times!

Me in It's a Small World!

Being silly after our beloved Rocky Mountain!

Havin fun!

A Disney show


So now I need to know:

1. What is your favourite Disney movie?
(Mary Poppins - LOVE it, love the myth and story, the moral, that we can find magic in the everyday)

2. Favourite song?
(Chim chiminey and Under the Sea! and.... and.....)

3. Favourite heroine?
(Hmmm, gotta be Ariel I think!)

4. Favourite hero?
(Peter Pan!)

5. Favourite villain?
(Ursula from the Little Mermaid)

Can't wait to hear yours!


Sara said...

I love disneyland, it's so much fun! I am jealous of your trip :)

Burp and Slurp~! said...

wow, seems like you had a lot of fun! I've only been to the one in LA...can't wait to visit this one someday!

Heather said...

Hey Vanessa,

I'm sorry it has taken me a bit to get back to you about the Operation Baking Gals thing.

I had contacted the "leader" of Operation Baking Gals a couple of times asking her about shipping to APO/FPO addresses from Europe, but I never heard back from her.

I've done a bit of Googling, and I did find this Q&A portion of the "Any Soldier" site that seems to have some guidelines for shipping to U.S. military addresses from Europe. It seems there might be issues with sending food? But you could send other items instead...

Take a look at the following link, and let me know if I can help in any other way. Any Soldier Click on the part that says "Not from the USA."

I hope it works out that you can participate! Thanks for being such a faithful blog reader! :)

P.S. Looks like you had fun at Disneyland... so cool that there is one in France!

Anonymous said...

Je suis contente que tu ais passé un si bon moment avec ton ami Ryan!!!!
c'est génial de retomber en enfance le temps d'un we...
gros bisous ma chérie


Alisa@Foodista said...

What fun! Great Pictures! There's nothing like being in Disneyland :)

Anonymous said...


just to let you know that I have given you a blogging award on my blog.

P.S. Disney roolz!