Monday, 2 February 2009

A happy surprise

Today, like every day, I ate my breakfast whilst catching up on emails and blogs. This morning there was an update from Clotilde Dusoulier on her blog Chocolate and Zucchini. I love her book and blog with French expressions! This morning there was a note on the blog saying that she would be visiting her sister in London this month and asking people to write in with suggestions of places she should try.

I immediately thought of one of my favourite places in London, a chocolate shop called Melt! It is in Westborne Grove/Notting Hill, and has minimalist design. It sells chocolate made with a water based light ganache and has an open kitchen at the back, which allows you to see the delightful chocolate being made! Heavenly.
I thought I'd mention it to Clotilde, not for a minute really thinking that she wouldn't know about it or, if perchance she didn't, that she'd read the email or reply. I'm just a two-a-penny blogger. But, lo and behold, half an hour later I had a graceful reply and my very own secret Parisian recommendation! She had taken the time to take a peek at my blog to see that I love cake and recommended... I shall not say more now, because I am going to visit the place and report back. Apparently there are some fruit flavoured caramels to savour (and anyone who knows me knows that fruit desserts are my fave).

It is so lovely of Clotilde to have taken the time to reply at all, and then to reply personally and so quickly. I was really touched! I thought: hers is a real passion, she is someone who really cares. And that made me very happy. So I wanted to share! I don't suppose that she will check this blog again, but just in case she does: merci beaucoup Clotilde!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos! Did you take those?

Pearl said...

oh my gosh - that must be SO exciting! i know what you mean though.. jaden from steamy kitchen replied to a post of mine and i was so surprised!

you shouldn't be so shocked though - you are a gorgeous person with beautiful writing and impeccable taste.... of course she'd comment back! :)

Vanessa said...

Awww, thanks so much Pearl! So sweet!

Megan, no, I didn't, sadly (see above for comment on my appalling photogarphy). I really want to get better. How are you getting on with the D40?


emlizalmo said...

Oh my word...Melt looks divine. said...

I too love that book - I blogged about it a while back - it's just the best! I love your blog too and I'm happy you're going to continue! It took me a long time to figure out the picture thing...basically I ended up investing in a better camera with a higher ISO and my problems disappeared...the higher the number the faster the camera catches the picture, eliminating glare and all kinds of things. Anyway, keep at it! Nan