Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Birthday cake

Thank you all for your wonderful comments of support re. work - I appreciate every one of them. They really help.
Today was Marc's birthday and I dropped some cake off at his work and surprised him! He had bought some cake for his colleagues over the weekend but had said it was disappointing (he brought the cakes in yesterday).
I got home at 10 yesterday and went to the supermarket to get ingredients and set off to make a chocolate peanut butter cake from one of my new baking books, Sky High. Fabulous Deb of Smitten Kitchen followed the recipe to a T and got perfect results! I on the other hand took the cakes out of the pans too quickly, they crumbled, my frosting didn't come out right.... a bit of a disaster! Just as well I bought Cadbury's fingers to put around the cake to hide the big mess inside! I was pleased with the outcome, even if disguise saved the day and I did stay up super late achieving it. But there's nothing I like more than to get home from work and get baking!
My one comment about the recipe is that I think the batter isn't chocolatey enough and I added 200g of melted dark chocolate to achieve the requisite flavour. Hopefully Marc's colleagues enjoyed it!

My awesome new cake caddy!


Cate said...

ohhhhhhh. so beautiful! i think it's nicer than the original, really. more creative, and why wouldn't you want a few cadbury goodies snuggling the sides?

Audran said...

AAAAAAAAhhh ça a l'air trop bonnnnnnnnnnnn....
en tout cas c'est très beau ma choupinette ;)

emlizalmo said...

That thing looks amazing.

becky said...

wow! that looks really cool, fun and creative... and who doesn't love cadbury chocolate! yumm! i'm sure that added to it's yumminess! one thing i did also, was i omitted the butter from my frosting, (i forgot to put that in my post), i figured it was rich enough without the added butter!