Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Bangkok in photos

Just a short post today. Having a great time in Bangkok. Loving the beautiful food even though my kosher-ish diet (no shellfish or pork) is restricting me somewhat. The variety and freshness of the produce amazes me - I have been to Thailand a number of times yet am still seeing things I have never seen before. Check out the vegetables below!

I also had an amazing foot massage today and it felt amazing. If only there were time for such indulgences at home. How are we spending the days? We are just walking around, chilling out and relaxing. Mostly, I love these smiley people. In Thailand you see people who are really below the poverty line. Street vendors, taxi drivers, all struggling to make ends meet. Yet they are happy and smiley and always eager to help. It gives a new meaning to the word perspective - a perfect display of perseverance and gratitude. There is so much to learn from them.

Here are some photos, now that I have a cable...

Fried sea bass in a sweet honey sauce. Stunning.

Spicy fish paste with vegetables I have never seen before.

Tonight's dinner
Foggy Bangkok skyline

Local fruit stall.
Hotel swimming pool = heaven
Tom Yum soup - lemongrass broth with coconut milk and steamed sea bass. 
Interior of one of the restaurants we ate in - so different from home but so delicious
A tired me on the first night here
Rose apples - look how beautiful. They are fragrant and not-to-sweet apples. Yum.e an


Katie said...

gorgeous pics!

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Esme said...

Enjoy your time in Bangok I have always wanted to go there.

xo Maltaise

Nadia said...

love the pics!

emlizalmo said...

Oh my gosh...what an amazing trip! Definitely a place I would LOVE to go someday! Glad you are having such a great time!