Saturday, 18 July 2009

The joys of summer no. 2: flowers

Who doesn't love flowers and seeing life in bloom over summer?

We have been spending time doing up the garden (more shots of that coming) in my family home, and Marc wanted to buy his parents a plant,  so off we went to my favourite garden centre. It's in a stunning London area called Little Venice (ever been there?) and it's like stepping into heaven. Just look at the pics and see. I was lucky to receive some gorgeous sunflowers and a stunning vase from Marc - love 'em. There's even a little cafe at this nursery, with homemade cakes and organic soups. 

I bought Lauren some lavender for her new home (Lauren used to live in the South of France, where lavender is abundant and smells beautiful) when she invited Kate and me for lunch, and I bought myself an interesting basil plant and  a mint plant. I can't emphasise enough how much I love mint. I love it in everything: in salads, smoothies, tea... the list goes on...

I dream one day of having a vegetable patch and a herb garden. The only problem? Love plants, hate gardening with a vengeance. Anyone got tips for me?


Overdue said...

I LOVE garden centres. That one looks fab. I love gardening and my big aim for next year is to grow veg. Although I don't know what I'll do with it becuase I hate cooking. If only we lived near each other, I could do your gardening and you could cook dinner. Symbiotic harmony!

Esme said...

Vanessa-good morning-please come over for a morning croissant and a special surprise-I have an award for you.

lol Esme