Monday, 19 October 2009

Crazy dreams

Ok, so last night I dreamt this: I was walking around my venue in my wedding gown, but wearing my worn out black patent pumps. I had forgotten my wedding shoes at home and paced anxiously, wondering what the date was, whether this was my wedding day. There were guests arriving but I didn't recognise any of them, and I dared not ask what the date was because they would laugh in my face if it was indeed my wedding, quite rightly expecting me to know the date. Don't ask me why I'd be visiting the venue in a white dress on any other date - it made sense in the dream. I wasn't wearing makeup and my hair was a mess. I woke up in a complete panic.

Is this how it's going to be, then, for the next 7 months? I really hope not.


Nadia said...

Yikes! What a nightmare!! Well, I'm sure you will have your share of crazy dreams before the wedding, but just remember that that is all part of the wedding planning - its totally normal. And, it was just a dream, so don't worry, come the big day, you will be wearing your awesome wedding shoes and looking beautiful!!

By the by, maybe you ate something before bed that made you had a crazy dream? The other night I had a pretty scary dream and I think it was because of the 100 calorie Snickers bar I ate. Hmmm.

Rachel said...

oh my goodness Vanessa, what a dream! Classic and very normal enxiety about any big event results in dreams like this and very good to write and talk about them and normalise into the 'real' world outside the realsm of our dream consciousness and imagination. That's great that your dreaming that cos your mind is helping you acknowledge anxieties you might not otherwise have been aware of. Nadia, i think what you eat esp before bed defnitely affects the way you sleep and the interactions between your conscious and subsconscious mind when you sleep / dream but this just sounds like plain old wedding nerves:-) its gonna be fab, shoes and all!!x x

Overdue said...

I dreamed I was standing at the altar wondering where everyone was when I remembered I hadn't posted the invitations. Next time Vegas. Definitely.