Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Fastest finger first - flights booked!

I spent much of today calling vendors and setting up meetings (seriously, don't you wish you were me?). Our calendar for February is already so full - it's going to be a real stretch to get everything done.

I also booked mine and Dad's flights out to Israel. We're late with this: Marc and his parents and even some friends booked a while ago, with BMI (a scheduled carrier).

On the plus side, Easyjet's (Britain's super low cost airline) flights are now open for booking, meaning that Dad is flying for £122 instead of about £350. Amazing!

But scheduled flight prices have risen quite a bit. I had a dilemma: fly out and back with Dad for £122 or fly out on my own and back with Marc for £350. I know it's a huge difference, but we discussed it and ultimately we both really wanted to fly back together as husband and wife.

In the end I booked an Easyjet outbound flight (so I can fly out with Dad) and a BMI inbound flight (so I can fly back with Marc). It cost a bomb, yes, but somehow flying with Marc on the way back was important to us and we had decided together that the extra cost was justified on this occasion so I didn't feel too bad.

Why 'fastest finger first'? Well, because I promised my friends £100 flights with Easyjet if they got in there quickly. That was the price this weekend. Just a few days later, the prices have risen to £150 plus. It's still cheap, but I really hope that those coming are booking their tickets so that they can get a good deal. I can't help but wonder whether the price fluctuation means that some of our friends have booked. I hope so!

In any case, now that I'm all booked it feels even more real! Arghhh!