Sunday, 11 October 2009

Shoes and Save the Dates


They're in! They're in they're in they're in! What can I say? I am obsessed with them! They're just the prettiest things I've ever seen. So 18th Century. Diane Hassall is so talented. I can't wait to wear them! You'll see I went with the more traditional pair. I loved them the most in person and the heal height was more appealing. I can't wait to wear these! Thank you to my wonderful future mother-in-law, Marilyn, for treating me to these. They were a huge indulgence, and we bought them on a special girlie day, so they are very special to me!

And guess what? I found the clutch brand new on ebay at over half the price off the retail price! So pleased!

Save the Dates

What a hassle these have ended up being! I realised that I had mis-spelt the name of the town closest to our venue (to be fair, this is an Israeli town, but it's still bad). The lawyer in me couldn't allow me to live with that, even though 90% of our guests wouldn't have known/noticed. So I had to print them off all over again. I took that opportunity to insert our surnames as well. What a pain. The new card was expensive, and for some strange reason not all the pieces were of the exact same thickness. Then the printer wouldn't print the right brown even with a new cartridge. I had to transfer all the raffia ribbon. If it hadn't been for Katie, who wisely spurred me on, helped me and told me I just had to get them done I might have procrastinated further. I also printed out an insert with flight and accommodation info (Marc did a great job of compiling it). I'm proud of the effort now but I'm not sure I'm up to doing the real invitations myself. I'll have to see. I sent them out on Wednesday and they will have reached people on Thursday. It sounds funny but I was sad to send them off, as they'd sat on my desk for so long. There are a few stragglers awaiting addresses before they too can be sent, but otherwise that's it. It was pretty exciting to wake up on Thursday and know that people would finally see them. We've had a few positive comments which have me happy! Now, in my head, the countdown begins.


pp65468 said...

Hey, I need to confirm the positive comments about the Save the Dates. Very straightforward and not so over the top (wait have I seen too many American ones? Heehee). Looking forward!

Esme said...

How exciting. The shoes are very pretty-what a nice gesture from your future mother in law. So what is the date?

Nadia said...

Love the shoes! So pretty!! Sounds like you have a fab future mother-in-law.

Vanessa said...

Thanks to all of you! The date is May 30th 2010. :o)