Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Free magazine subscription

I have been out of the blogging rhythm for the past few days because I had house guests this weekend. It was a fabuluos weekend of food and more food. Before I post photos etc, I wanted to offer the first person to comment a free magazine subscription as outlined below. I bought my Kitchenaid mixer from Amazon, which entitles me to the below offer:

Thanks to the recent purchase(s) you made in Amazon.com Home and Garden, you are eligible to receive a subscription to one of the following magazines: Domino (24-issues), Glamour (24-issues), Gourmet (12-issues), Condé Nast Traveler (12-issues), Architectural Digest (12-issues), or Bon Appétit (12-issues).

I live in Europe and they will not send the magazines to Europe, so I would like one of my lovely readers to benefit. Please send the address to which you would like your magazine of choice to be sent to the email address on the right. You are probably all too prudent to do this, but please do not post addresses in the comments section for your own security.

Happy reading!


emlizalmo said...

Vanessa...thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. You are a beautiful person. You really are.

Pearl said...

you are so sweet and thoughtful to do this :)

Anonymous said...

Check you out... haha. I need to do giveaways... great idea!