Saturday, 24 January 2009

Lazy weekend = heaven

This is the first weekend of me time that I've had so far this year and I gotta tell you: I love it. I really enjoy having guests, and normally I am totally a get up and go person, not a sleeper-in, but today I was able to just lounge around and sometimes that's what you need to do on the weekend... even if your six months in Paris are nearly up!

I've got a cold, so a perfect excuse to snuggle indoors for hours at a time drinking tea and indulging in what Carrie Bradshaw would call 'single girl behaviour'!

I had an afternoon nap - an all too rare indulgence - spoke to friends and family on the phone and prepared a care package for my Ima (mom). I miss her and should spoil her much more. I'm baking her biscuits and I bought her a shirt and a scarf... I really hope she likes it. I'll be sure to post pictures tomorrow. In the meantime, I thought I'd update with some photos of Sarah and David's visit two weekends ago... it was loads of fun and I wish so much that you could all taste at least a sip of Laduree's magnificent hot chocolate....

Tomorrow I'm going to take in an exhibition at the Jacquemart Andree museum - one of my favourite Parisian museums. It can be so fun doing things like that alone, and there is an incredible cafe, so I plan to bring a book and soak in the sumptuous beauty of it all. I can't wait, so please check back and I'll tell you all about it!

Hope you're all having fun weekends!

Marc and me on the Place des Vosges - one of my favourite places in Paris - and look at the snow!

David and Sarah

Us again...

Laduree's beautiful mural. Honestly, I have to get better at taking photos - this seriously doesn't do Laduree justice.

Just look at the chocolate indulgence! Heaven!

I love this picture of Marc...


Pearl said...

okay pretty girl, as you know, i'm a new reader to your blog, so i must ask this question: who is marc?

and btw - you must be one of those gorgeous girls in paris that they talk about - the ones who are always chic and beautiful no matter what weather and setting! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa, thanks for the comment on my blog. It was very reassuring because you're exactly the kind of person I would consider super successful and feel intimidated by (you have a 'real' job, a boyfriend and you live in Paris!) so it's nice to know we all have the same insecurities. I did the opposite of you, career wise. I picked a useless degree which was really interesting and then floated about for 7 years doing various interesting but future-less things and now I'm slightly below the bottom rung in my chosen profession (I may even lose my job soon to the credit crunch) and I have no pension or savings to my name. So maybe you can't win no matter what you do!
I reckon you should go to cookery school part time and see where that leads. I'm starting some library qualifications which will hopefully get me a more secure job eventually (though by the time I'm qualified libraries will probably be obsolete) but I can't help feeling I'm a bit of a coward because what I really want to do (which I've never told anyone) is to write children's books but it seems like too much of a risk to go and do a creative writing degree. Maybe you should do the cookery and I should do the creative writing and when we both fail miserably you can send me cookies and I can write you funny stories!
Anyway, apologies for the rambling, just wanted to say thanks for the sympathy and if you do come up with the solution, please let me in on it!

Anonymous said...

We have Joe Craig books in my library! He writes Jimmy Coates. They're v popular.
Isn't it amazing that we're all so uptight about what other people think of us, but really everyone's just as paranoid and insecure as everyone else. I wonder if it's just a girl thing?
Lunch was fine. I still have better hair than either of them. :)

Vanessa said...

Hey Pearl - thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I don't deserve them though: all photos of me undergo a 'quality control' process (ie: anything I don't like gets srapped (99%)). I think I look awful and fat right now! And I wish I were one of those people who always looked good. Mostly I look drained to be honest!!! You are beautiful! Inside and out!

Emily - so cool that you know of Joe Craig. He's such a lovely lovely person. In any case, yes, it is true that we all feel that way. Loved the comment about the hair! Go you!