Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

This is my 5oth post and I'm excited - so excited to have encountered some amazing people blogging and been so inspired by all of you. Thank you all so much!

Wishing you all a wondeful year ahead, filled with health, happiness and laughter.

Here are my New Year resolutions, in no particular order:

1. Learn to use my Nikon D40 and fill this blog with better pictures;
2. Go to the gym and get fit;
3. Balance my chequebook (excuse the European spelling!) and become more money savvy;
4. Figure out job stuff (a future post in itself);
5. Do more home cooking; and
6. Pass the stupid GMAT.

Happy 2009!


Anonymous said...

All good goals. :) Jon just took the GMAT over the summer in early June and passed it with flying colors. If my idiot boyfriend can do it ;) so can you! Haha... I'm just kidding. He worked really hard on it, had tutoring sessions, studied his butt off... I know he was so stressed out about it, but the relief that came with his outstanding score was worth it. You'll do great!

Sara said...

Happy new year! I took the GMAT and the LSAT within two weeks of each other. That was not fun. Good luck!

Sara said...

Just wanted to respond to the questions you left on my blog, I didn't see an email address for you. When I graduated from college a few years back, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to law school, business school, or both. So I took both tests right before graduation, I figured it would be easier while I was still in "study mode". After I graduated, I was planning to take at least a year off to work (since that's usually required for an MBA), and I ended up getting a job in the field I studied in college, which was urban planning. Fast forward 7 years later, I'm a senior land use planner and married to a lawyer. I actually did apply to law school, and got into some great schools, but my now-husband was in law school at that time, and it didn't look like much fun. I feel like I got really lucky, because I ended up in a great career path without the graduate degree. Although I do feel a little guilty sometimes about wasting my LSAT/GMAT scores!Feel free to email me for more info - I took your comment off my blog because some of my clients read there, don't want them getting any ideas about me leaving :)