Sunday, 18 January 2009

Here are some photos of what we got up to this fab weekend:

Liz and me on the Champs Elysees (doesn't she look glam?)

Audrey came to meet us and here is a photo of us - I love it of Audrey!

On Saturday night Liz and I were invited to a 'Galette Party' and had a blast. I will post about Galettes soon, and here is a picture of the Martha Stewart brownie I brought along. Yum!

Today we went to the Marais and met some friends of mine and had tea in the fabulous Colonial style tea shop, Mariage Freres. Just look at all the tea!

We had a fabulous brunch, with the best marinated raw salmon that I have ever eaten. Divine.

And no girlie weekend could be complete without a trip to the enormous Sephora in the Champs Elysees, where we got eye makeovers....

I am just realising how much I love Paris again! At first it was hard, I was homesick, I felt like I was back in my junior year abroad, as though nothing had changed, but I have refound my love for it and will be so sad to leave. Luckily Marc is coming to bring me home :).


Pearl said...

ahh you are BEAUTIFUL and so are your friends!

aletha :: pearls events said...

Eye makeovers?! LOVE IT!

Audran said...

Hey Vanessan!!

I just wanted to tell everyone that you are an amazing girl.
You are still in Paris but I already miss you in EADS.
I won't hear your voice and laugh...:(
but I keep you in my heart!
You are a great friend and a wonderful cooker!hihi

My gragra and I are going to miss all your cakes!!!

I love you my chérie...

Audran :D