Monday, 29 December 2008


I know I moan about being a manipulated consumer quite often. I know it, and I'm sorry.
But the post-Christmas healthy eating campaign really gets to me. It's so contrived. One day passes, and suddenly the endless chocolate, chips galore, cheese platters and other calorific goodies in the aisles are replaced with mountains of Special K and Ryvita as we are reminded to watch our waistline. Where were you when the damage was being done? Luring me in with two-for-the-price-of-one waist expanders of the sweet and oily variety? Every year the story is the same and it infuriates me.
I don't blame weight gain on them, and I don't expect them to help me find a solution. But I hate their assumption that I want to lose weight after Christmas.
Yesterday was the first day that the post was up and running again. What do I see on my doormat? Another invitation to rejoin Weight Watchers (if you are wondering about my latest attempt, let's not talk about it...). They are so clever. They couldn't even wait till after New Year, could they?


Megan said...

Hear hear.

Megan said...

So I didn't read your comment until after I read this post, but thank you so much for the recommendation. I am definitely picking that up this week.

I actually learned a lot of what I know from reading a really basic online faq... I think if you Google Hassidism FAQ it should come up. But I read the thing, which took a long time because it's pretty extensive, and then I spent a LOT of time exploring the website. The women's content was especially illuminating to me. Plus, I ask a lot of questions at work, and I'm fortunate to work with some awesome rabbis who are very patient with me and often take the time to explain stuff to me. I, by all means, don't understand everything about Chasidism, but I have learned a TON since I started working for Chabad. Fortunately, these guys aren't so insular as other sects of Chasidism, so they're very friendly and approachable and willing to teach.

I also devoured a good amount of Chaim Potok. I know it's not the most objective perspective on Chasidism, but it's certainly very interesting... especially to one (like me) who prefers novels to nonfiction. Life without fiction isn't worth living, in my opinion. :)

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

This is super obnoxious! They aren't going to get me! Well, at least until Monday, when I'm back at work and reality kicks my butt!!

emlizalmo said...

This is a riot! Made me laugh. :) So, so true.