Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Makeup trial

My amazing and beautiful future mother in law, Marilyn, booked us two girls in for a complimentary makeover at Space NK to give us ideas of what we might want. She made her way into London despite the heavy snow, and we spent the morning chatting whilst we were being made up. The range the assistant used was that of a French make called Chantecaille.

I had been really looking forward to it because I always love time with Marilyn, because my skin hasn't been so good lately and because I am so utterly bored with my makeup routine.

Here is what I looked like after the makeover. You must ignore my awful hair after walking in the snow. I really like what our assistant did, and I think that rosy and natural look will really come together once my hair is sorted out. Looking back I may want slightly more smoky eyes, but I want to remain very natural. I'm going to ask the makeup artist to use all the same makeup on the day of the wedding.

Marilyn so very generously treated me to some beautiful makeup and I can't wait to try it out tomorrow. I went and bought myself a new face cream and exfoliator by Origins. I hope that using this regularly will improve my skin tone.

I am such a lucky girl to have had such a fabulous spoiling day!

Thank you so much Marilyn for the time and effort it took to come in, for the close chats and for my lovely goodies! You looked absolutely radiant today. xxx


Vanessa said...

Thanks hon! She is isn't she? Thanks for the tip - the lady at Chantecaille put brighter colours on my lips but I didn't like it. It made me look too made up. So I'm going to concentrate on accentuating the eyes I think...
I'll post hair ideas next - I'd love to know your opinion!