Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snowed in

London is experiencing one of its coldest winters on record. It keeps snowing and it has been freezing outside for so long now. I know that in some parts of North America this is commonplace but I can tell you, to us it is just weird.

The authorities don't know how to cope, they don't have enough salt for the roads, airports are shutting down - utter chaos.

Of course it's frustrating for adults, who can't go about their daily work etc, but there is something to be mentioned about the very different attitude of children. The delight and enchantment. Today children will be sledging and playing in the snow, overjoyed. Sometimes I think that as adults, we lose that.

In this sort of weather what I like to do best is bake. Sadly, watching my weight before dress fittings in February, I can't do that. So instead I have been cooped up indoors doing my invitations, which I've nearly finished. Finally!

In any case, instead of feeling irritation at the disruption, I'm going to try to go out and enjoy this rare time (it hardly ever snows in London and when it does, it doesn't settle). Who knows, I may even build a snowman, replete with carrot nose!


Nadia said...

Build the snowman! I would love to build a snowman right now - what fun! I'm in Florida, so we have no snow, just some rather chilly temperatures that are freaking out the local farmers. I keep seeing all that snow on the news and just looking at it makes me cold. Plus, my relatives all live up north and pretty much have to hibernate during this blizzardy time. As for your weather across the pond, it doesn't sound to bad, but rather nice - something different. I remember how much I enjoyed watching the snow fall when I lived in Exter (on those rare occasions that it snowed). Enjoy your snow!! P/S I agree with you, kids have that wonderful attitude of enjoying it all! Sometimes I miss having that.

pp65468 said...

Thanks for posting this. This was very therapeutic for someone who is close to a nervous breakdown...