Saturday, 12 December 2009

The small things

Marc is sometimes surprised by how much I care about the small things in life, but I really really do. I know that every bride says she won't preoccupy herself (and drive others mad) with small things and that almost every bride does end up succumbing to weddings perfectionism syndrome, but my preoccupation with detail extends to my normal life as well.

One such detail is my mug, which is what brought on this conversation in the first place. I have a mug that I love to drink from. I've had it since I was 11, and it was given to me by a school friend that I've sadly fallen out of touch with. I love her though, and the mug reminds me of her. It's rather large, which makes for large cups of tea. It's probably not the most attractive mug, to be fair. It's hand painted, with a pig on the front. But I love it: I've been drinking from it for 15 years.

It can't come to our new home with us, sadly. It's not kosher - we will need all new crockery. Also it depicts a pig. Hardly appropriate for a kosher home! I've pondering this slightly, because it's hard to let go of those familiar things that have made up our surroundings for so long. There will be many such things I'm sure.

My post wedding life will be full of new things that will surround me, new attachments, new habits.

For now though, I've found a replacement for the mug at least, and here it is. From English crockery designer Emma Bridgewater. I think it's perfect!


Rachel said...

hey, who gave you the mug??????
also there is a way of koshering crockery isnt there??? seems a shame to not take it with

Vanessa said...

Rebecca Okitikpi!