Tuesday, 22 December 2009

DIY invitations: pocketfolds

I've been working on these for a few months and it's finally time to write up instructions!

You can perfectly well buy pocketfolds, but not only will you save money if you make them yourselves but you will also get exactly what you want. In my case, you cannot buy pocketfolds that suit what I need. My invitation will be in English on one side and in Hebrew on the other, so I need three sides to the invitation, one for each language and one for the flap.

These are time consuming but they're not as bad as I thought they would be. I tended to do mine slowly whilst watching television or something, so that I didn't notice completing them.

A note of caution: do not use a paper cutter to cut all your pocketfolds. Not only will it take a lifetime but the cuts aren't clean. You really must get this done in a print shop. They have huge machines that will cut through all your invites in one swoop. This is a very inexpensive service to boot!

What you need:

1. Bone folder
2. Good quality scissors
3. Pencil
4. Good eraser
5. Paper cutter/guilotine with scoring blade
6. Ruler
7. Double sided tape

My measurements, in case they help you:

length: 34.8cm
height: 17.7cm

first cut: 13cm
second cut: 12.9 cm
final cut: 8.9 cm from second cut.

1. Measure and mark the point halfway down the right hand side of your piece of paper.

2. Measure 1 1/2 cms in from that point and make a point. Then join this point to the outer edges to make a triangle. Cut this triangle out. This will be your inside pocket, in which to place maps, RSVP cards or anything else you wish. My pocket is shallow but you can change the dimensions to suit you.

3. Measure your folds and mark with a pencil where to score the line. Use your paper cutter's scoring blades to score your folds (not forgetting to erase the pencil markings when you're done):

4. Fold your pocketfolds along your scored lines using the bone folder.

5. Stick double sided tape down underneath the flap to secure it to the invitation and create the pocket. The tape should be the length of the flap.

This is what the pocketfold will look like with the double sided tape.

6.Remove the backing on the double sided tape and fold down the flap to secure it to the invitation using your bone folder.

7. Go over the edges of the flap with the bone folder to ensure the double sided tape has adhered well.

That's it! It wasn't so bad, was it? Honestly, I think this is so worth doing... I've even enjoyed the process. If you have any questions please let me know and I'd be pleased to answer!


Esme said...

Wow-that is pretty creative of it-and very classy.

Esme said...

Have a lovely Christmas Eve.