Thursday, 3 December 2009


Dad was diagnosed with diabetes a few days ago. He wants it to be kept very quiet, but it's hard for me not to talk about it and hardly anyone who knows him reads this blog. Diabetes? Not a big deal, everyone says. After all, so many people live with diabetes and live with it well. And I know that, believe me, I do. Except it's still a big deal. A really big deal.

It's a big deal because food is Dad's passion. It's his life. He loves to drive around town and find the best restaurant for this and for that, bringing home treats to the people he loves. Freshly baked baklava one day, fresh mint another... He is adventurous and has a love of life. And this? This is going to stifle him, keep him indoors a lot more, prevent him from being impulsive. Life with Dad as I know it involves him cheekily pulling up to a McDonald's for ice cream only (he loves that whipped stuff) and hungrily eating it in the parking lot. Going out for fun, informal meals. He is a great partner to share any fun treat with. And that independence and fun, that's over. Because from here on out it's not smoked salmon sandwiches for breakfast but porridge, no spaghetti for lunch (because of the high gluten content) but grilled fish. I think it's going to be hard for Dad to adjust and sadly my mother lives in Israel and can't help. I'm definitely mourning the lost fun and spontenaiety. The realisation that life from now will be different, that one of my Dad's loves has been taken away, makes me very sad.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vanessa, that must have been a big shock for you. How's your Dad? Wish I could think of something good to say about diabetes but it pretty much sucks. It could be worse though, at least he's been diagnosed so he can manage it. Maybe he'll become the world's greatest sugar-free chef! I'd be a terrible diabetic because I can't cook at all. Maybe he'll see it as a culinary challenge.
Anyway, look after yourself, hope things get better soon,

Nadia said...

Vanessa, I'm sorry to hear that your dad has diabetes. That really sucks, especially for such a foodie. I do think he will be fine, because there are so many advances when it comes to diabetes that I am sure he will be able to indulge every now and again. My friend, her son Matt was diagnosed with type 1 when he was 5 and he's now 9 and he is thriving. And that boy eats whatever he wants. So there has to be a way for your dad to still enjoy some of his foods. I wish your dad nothing but the best! Take care!

Esme said...

Vanessa-hello I am sorry to hear this. My grandmother had adult diabetes so I am familiar with it. The advantage to diabetes if there is one-is that with a life style change it can be managed-not that that is any fun but you can control it from taking over your life-also now there seem to be so many gluten free recipes out there that one is not restricted to the most boring foods in the culinary world. Have you heard of agave-it is a sugar substitute that breaks down in a much friendlier manner.

Sheldon said...

Even if we are diagnosed with diabetes, let us not be despair and be sad. Life is so beautiful. My mom also diagnosed with diabetes after she used ELISA test kit. She became more passionate with life and i feel so happy for her that despite for her condition, she continuously enjoy life.