Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Happy Wednesday

Just a regular work day, post-lunch slump, and I thought I’d write a little update message !

It is sooo cold in Paris right now that yesterday it actually snowed. This is quite rare but it was spectacular and it put everyone in a great mood. It motivated me to learn how to use the slow mode in my camera as the automatic mode doesn’t catch snowflakes, rain etc.

I was so tired yesterday that I had no energy to cook when I got home. I stopped off at a fancy deli on my way home and spent too much money on not very much food. But it was delicious: poached egg with salmon on artichoke and beetroot and apple salad with Poilâne bread (for those who don't know it, some of the most delicious sour dough bread in the world). Gotta love the French take on a takeaway! Why no photos ? You guessed it: I was too hungry to wait to take them! After a long chat with Marc I started thinking about a few things. If I am always so tired why do I waste so much time in the evenings? Why do I take harried morning showers when I could treat myself to long leisurely soaks in the evening? Why do I spend hours on the internet and start my cleaning at 11? I have decided from now on that by 11pm I will be in bed. I have to do it to get the most out of myself and out of my day. Last night I took a silly girlie novel and sat in my grape smelling bubble bath and just enjoyed reading! It was so lovely and I mean to continue the trend.

I love Wednesdays and I think they are under-appreciated! Half way through the week, they are also BHV days. Audrey and I are going back to the BHV, to buy curtains for her and cake pans for me. I have a dearth of cake pans and cookie cutters and am excited to finally get some new ones. I want to buy some little organza bags to put homemade cookies and truffles in to give to my colleagues for Christmas. But the best thing of all? Dinner! Right behind the BHV is my favourite Japanese in Paris. I am obsessed with it (ie: have eaten there 3 times this week obsessed). You get Miso soup, salad, shashimi and tiny grilled skewers and rice all for 15 Euros, which I think is a steal. It’s fabulous quality and tastes amazing. I can’t wait!

Here is my shopping list, since last time I managed to forget the very thing I came for:

And as I googled for images, I found this. Click on it to see the funniest cake mould I have ever seen. What could it be used for? I didn't really want the picture on my blog, and you'll see why! ha ha! You really can find everything on the internet!

Check back for photos of the snow and of the day in a few hours !


Anonymous said...

Man, once I get a functional kitchen, I'm all up on you for recipes. I have a few good ones I can share... I make these orange cookies that are oh so good...