Sunday, 14 December 2008


It was a lovely weekend, but one thing was scary: I thought that I had lost one earring of a pair that I adore. They have a special story and I wanted to share. Dad used to be a jeweller, and still has an office in the jewellery center. One of his closest friends makes gold jewellery, and when Dad was visiting this friend, someone came in with some gold for sale, in the form of these earrings. The gold was going to be melted down and made into something else. Dad saw these earrings and bought them immediately, thinking it so sad that something so pretty would just be melted and destroyed. They are antique and I treasure them because of how lovely they are and because they are a gift from my dear father, who 'saved' them for me. I was traumatised at the thought of having lost one earring. I found it in the end, thank goodness! I am taking extra special care and bought rubber butterflies to attach to the back to lessen the risk of them falling off again.

Continuing with the jewellery theme, this afternoon I went to Galeries Lafayette to do a spot of Chanukah shopping. It is really incredible that the shops here are open on Sundays as Christmas approaches - this has never been the case before and is causing union fury (France and its unions, don't get me started).

There were so many people it was exhausting, but I had so much fun looking at brands I had never heard of before, and was particularly enamoured with a new designer, Marine (click on 'Marine' to visit her website), who was selling her jewellery herself (isn't it always fun to meet the designer?). She makes really fun, vintage inspired, whimsical jewellery, and it is affordable. I found a darling pair of earrings for my mum. I'm so pleased with my choice! One day my mum and her friend went to the market and all she came home with were some Russian dolls (babooshkas- sp?). I thought it so cute at the time, and I know she'll love these earrings:

And I was cheeky and bought myself this ring:

Here are some pictures of the beautifully decorated store:


Pearl said...

oh those earrings and that ring are precious!
and i'm so glad you found the pair of gold earrings.. they are beautiful and even more so with the background story :) thank you for sharing! i've added you to my blogroll, hope that's OK :)