Sunday, 15 November 2009

DIY List

I've decided to DIY lots of wedding things - I'm finding it so much fun and I love being able to customise things and have exactly what I want.

I'm making a list so I remember what I have done and what I have left to do... hopefully it will keep me in check!

The most ambitious project? I've decided to make my own wedding cake! It seems only apt, since I love baking, but also wedding cakes aren't really a done thing in Israel and the few places I've found won't let me have tastings. I refuse to serve a cake I haven't tasted. So that's decided. Don't ask me how to transport it or anything about the logistics just yet... I'll figure it out!

1. Save the Dates
2. Invitations
3. Thank you cards + RSVPs
4. Programs
5. Place cards
6. Seating plan
7. Decorate favour boxes
8. Make truffles for favours
9. Decorate bridesmaids' totes
10. Confetti cones
11. Bridesmaids' corsages


Taylor said...

that's a really impressive DIY list, and I'm sure it'll all turn out amazing! Some people have suggested that I make my own cake since I'm in pastry school, but I'm not sure I could do it, it's a lot of pressure, so good luck! (But I'm sure it'll turn out perfect).

Anyways, we seem to have a weird amount of things in common, and I'm definitely interested in following your planning ;)

Taylor said...

Pastry school is amazing but a lot of hard work. It's very tiring, but very rewarding. You'd probably enjoy it.

And that sounds amazing to have a wedding in Israel, even with all of your little road blocks. I think you'll do amazing at making your cake, I'm just not good under pressure, haha. And fruit cake wouldn't be fruit cake without some brandy ;)

I'll talk to my Chef and see if she knows of any non-dairy recipes, if that helps. I'm sure she knows of something.

And all of us bride-to-be's need a little encouragement ;)

Have a good night!