Thursday, 5 November 2009

Garter, dress patch and something else that's blue

I am really getting into the nitty gritty wedding accessories and those little things that will make the wedding special (to me, if no-one else).

I have been making my own invitations (I'll wait for another post to talk in more detail about that), buying accessories, confetti, champagne flutes and have a number of DIY projects up my sleeve.

For now, though, I wanted to show you my garter and dress patch from The Gartermaker. I found out about this company from The Knot (evil source of ways to spend money on things you didn't even know existed). The Gartermaker is a great little company and not expensive at all, so I thought I'd indulge in a garter and dress patch. It's nice because the dress patch actually came with an explanation of its history. I cynically thought it was just a product invented by the wedding industry to make us buy yet one more thing, but this isn't the case.

My dress is lacy and not poofy and therefore easy to store. Because of this, and since it's custom made, I won't be selling it after the wedding. So I like the idea of a dress patch to turn it into an heirloom.

I debated a bit on which colour to get. It's traditional to get blue, and then the patch will work as the 'something blue'. But I really wanted brown, to fit in with the wedding theme, so ultimately that's what I went for. I'm really happy with how they came out.

This, of course, left me with quite a dilemma as to what to do with regards to something blue. Blue isn't really featuring in my wedding, so I didn't want an outward thing. I decided that I'd wear blue pants! I then struggled to find any at all, still less some that I like. I guess winter isn't really the time for baby blue to make an appearance. My lovely friend Meredith introduced me to Rigby & Peller though, gorgeous posh lingerie shop, and it is there that I found these.

I have never spent so much on one piece of underwear, but I do love them. They're perfect. So, as I said, I'm getting really excited and am enjoying all the little details! So much girlie fun.
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Nadia said...

What a lovely idea - the patch! By the by, those knickers are cute!I've heard of that brand and they are fab! Anyhow, sounds like the wedding planning is coming along quite nicely. Exciting!!

Esme said...

How fun-I cannot wait to see the photos. Those items are very classy. amazing you can spend so much on so little.