Friday, 13 November 2009

Which invitation?

I'm tentatively working away on our DIY invitations, for which I will put up instructions in due course. I haven't shown these designs to anyone yet because I want to get them right before subjecting them to scrutiny! So you are the first (apart from Marc) to see them.

A few disclaimers: the two sides are shown in English because the Hebrew text is not ready yet. I printed both in English for now to see what the effect would be. Font, wording and spacing will change. The font colour will be browner when I buy a new cartridge. Surnames have been blotted out and my stamping skills leave something to be desired. With all that in mind, which stamp pattern do you prefer?

I'm being really indecisive and I'm not 100% with either. I won't say which I'm leaning towards, but I would really appreciate your honest advice (the good and the bad please).

Thank you all in advance!

1. Mediterranean pattern A

2. Mediterranean pattern B

3. Leaf motif


Esme said...

I would choose Mediterranean B-I find the other two to be slightly busy-this one is classic.

FJL10 said...

I really like Mediterranean A. The symmetry and the design of this invitation stands out more than the other motifs, but in a good way. The leaf motif seems a bit off, but style A brings your attention to the focal point.

pp65468 said...

I vote for Mediterrenean A, pretty much for the same reasons as FJL10.

Overdue said...

I like 'A'. I also love the text layout. It looks like an ee cummings poem.

Nadia said...

I like Mediterranean Patter B. I think its simple, classic and just lovely. Good luck choosing!

Rachel said...

the second one definitely.