Saturday, 21 November 2009

Thoughts on engagement, a nightmare and details

It's now 190 days till the wedding! That doesn't seem very much time, right around the 6 month mark. I guess we won't have had a very long engagement, but that is how we wanted it. We were together for nearly 4 years before getting engaged. We grew up a lot, talked a lot, decided on a lot of things, so that when we were ready we were ready. And now we just want it to happen already. I never wanted a long engagement because I don't see engagement as the 'next stage' of a relationship. For me, engagement is a state of leading up to marriage. This isn't as common as it used to be I think.

Last night I had another wedding nightmare, except I wasn't that stressed about it. It was the day before the wedding and I had forgotten to order any flowers. I didn't have a bouquet and there would be no centerpieces. We went to a florist, whose version of a bouquet was a bunch of flowers that looked like the kind you get at gas stations. Suitably unimpressed, I said to my mother 'oh well, we'll have to go to the market tomorrow [day of wedding] and I will arrange the flowers myself [note I have no experience in this area]'. I hope I can be that calm on the actual day if things go wrong!

Lately I've been trying to fix the formatting for our programs, which I managed to do, and spent a long time trying to find the right baskets for them. I would like 2 bridesmaids to hand out programs from these right before the ceremony begins. We're touched that a lot of non-Jewish friends are coming, and we'd like them to understand what's going on. I think I finally found the perfect ones for our rustic feel:

I also bought our champagne flutes and cake server. To be honest, I couldn't find many of these that I actually liked. I ended up with the Vera Wang Love Knot set, and I really love them! It's incredibly hard to get a good shot of them for some reason, so here are the official ones.

I'm probably going to get these engraved with our names and wedding date.

So those are a few more details that are taken care of. There's still a huge DIY list to tackle but right now I'm feeling good about everything that needs to be done.


Esme said...

These are lovely-I know it is no consolation I used to have these nightmares-they are akin to sitting for the bar exam and you just did not study nightmares.