Monday, 23 November 2009

Thinking about wedding bands

We're on the cusp of ordering our wedding bands. I have to say, it didn't take us long to figure out what we wanted. When Marc and I first looked at engagement rings, I thought of how a wedding band would go with one. In the Jewish tradition, a wedding band should be smooth and not have diamonds in it, to represent a smooth marriage. It turns out that the first ring I was shown was the right one. I loved it immediately, and it resolves the problem of nothing sitting flush against my engagement ring. It is curved, but in a very subtle way. With my engagement ring you can hardly tell that it is curved at all. I also think it looks dainty on its own.

The thing is (there is always a thing, isn't there, with wedding stuff?) it comes from Tiffany's (it's the Elsa Peretti band). I have looked for an equivalent in every other mainstream jeweller, but couldn't find one. It's so popular to have diamonds in wedding bands now, so there were no plain gently curved bands. Not wanting to pay the Tiffany mark-up we're going to have it made I think, just as Marc did the engagement ring. I hope it comes out ok!

'My' ring in plain platinum

The same ring with diamonds on someone's finger. LOVE the daintiness.

Marc tried on plain platinum bands but didn't like them. He did really fall for this milgrain band though. It looked so good on his finger!

It was so sweet the other day when Marc articulated just what I was thinking: how hard it will be to have the rings in the house without wearing them! We don't live together, so we may have to give each other the other's ring to prevent us from getting tempted to try them on all the time. I can't wait to wear my wedding band!


velvetwaltzer said...

Congratulations! Hope your marriage is as smooth and strong as those beautiful platinum rings! :)

Rick M said...

Hopefully you choose a metal that can be considered a conflict-free material. Take a look at this 60 Minutes story about mining for gold in Africa – Very interesting. There are serious issues associated with Congo-mined gold, and the industry ignores it. If Nike was manufacturing gold running shoes, you better believe that there would be a HUGE outcry by now.

Lauren said...

Hey I'm in the same boat as you... I need a plain ring that is curved to go around my engagement ring. I too can't find any plain curved ones in stores! I'd also like to get it in a material that didn't scratch or need replateing like white gold, but I need it to still be the color to match my white gold engagement ring. So, I was curious if you've found something like this & where or if you are definitely having one made & if so how/where. Please email me if you can, I'd really really appreciate it!