Thursday, 12 November 2009


Ottolenghi sells seductive Mediterranean food (there really is no other adjective to describe it). It is al fresco, fresh, colourful and healthy (for the most part) and influenced by all the countries whose food I love, Morocco, Turkey, Iran and my own homeland, Israel. Seriously yummy.

I got back from Paris on Sunday at lunchtime and Marc was in Islington having lunch with his friends. The group headed up to Ottolenghi for something sweet and Marc returned home with a sinfully dark slice of chocolate cake (minus a few bites he'd nibbled off on his way home). Love him.

Just look at this cake!

What can I say - it was the moistest darkest yummiest chocolate cake I have ever eaten. I am obsessed. Can't wait for the next opportunity to go (ie. this Sunday). And in the interim I have had to content myself with ordering the cookbook straight from Amazon, first class please, so I can see whether I can concoct something equally delicious. It's going to be a tough challenge, I can tell you.

This food is so inspired by Israel and I'm really excited to share my home country's food with my closest friends when they come out for the wedding!