Thursday, 26 November 2009

Wedding flights cancelled

I might have guessed this would happen. The airline we're all flying with to Israel has cancelled the route from January. Urghhh!

They will not tell us what will happen to our bookings until 3 December. They say they'll arrange alternative travel, but will they? On what flights at what times? Should we book our own flights straight away? The fares have increased...

The people on the phone were, as usual, apathetic and inept to the extreme. 'How can you make a public announcement and not have established your policy for affected customers? How can you refuse to pass me on to a manager?' You won't be surprised to know that my comments fell on deaf ears.

Argggghhhhhhhhhhhhh! I hate the airline industry. I swear it's the only industry that can treat you like cr*p, delay you miserably, cancel your flights without giving any sort of explanation and get away with it. Hate it.

Why do things like this have to happen?


We rebooked our flights with British Airways and are awaiting refunds from BMI. Sure, fares have gone up and we lost money in the process, but when you're booking flights for your wedding you just wanna get there, you know? Today we were sort of past caring. We just wanted to know we were sorted.

I worked in aircraft finance when I was with the law firm... and I hated it! This brings me back to those nasty times!


Esme said...

That stinks-but this is one of the reasons I think you should pick up the cake in Israel-odd things happen and your mind is running a million miles an hour-last year I went to the Caribbean-the airlines changed my flight should I say CANCELLED months before I left and never told me- fortunately it was the return flight-I did not find out until I checked in. You are not alone with your dreams-I was at the doctor yesterday and he has been asked to write a chapter about the Mayo clinic-and was lamenting how he feels he is in school and has a term paper left-so I asked him if he still has the it is the day of my Boards and I have not studied-he said yes-we laughed how we passed our respective exams years ago and still have those dreams.

stay calm if you can-you are right-how do the airlines stay in business?

Esme said...

PS the kitties say thank you for the rub down.

Wedding in Israel said...

That's annoying. But hey, there are so many variables to making a Wedding in Israel or anywhere overseas that can go wrong - I hope everything else goes according to plan. M'Tov.